Feburary 2010

I'm currently working on work for three exhibitions

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Christopher’s Art training was completed at the Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto campus. In addition his to training in Toronto he went to the overseas campus of the O.C.A.D in Florence, Italy where he specialized in Painting and Drawing and studied Art History. His experiences in Italy were formative to his enduring interest in the Masters of the Late Gothic, Renaissance and Mannerist periods.

In an entirely different manner from his official study of Painting and Drawing at O.C.A.D. but by no means irrelevant to it, Christopher was also taught and deeply influenced by Carmen Cereceda, a renowned South American muralist from Chile. As well, and integral to his experience as a freelance artist and to his work for various publications, Christopher has developed substantial versatility relative to portraiture, landscape painting, book illustration and graphic design.